The Korean tech giant Samsung is all set to introduce its highly-anticipated smartphones, the Galaxy S9 and S9+ at the Galaxy Unpacked event today. The Galaxy Unpacked event takes place in Barcelona and is scheduled to begin at 6 PM CET/5PM GMT/10 PM IST. The event starts at 10:45 PM Nepal Standard Time.

Date and time: February 25th at 12 PM ET/ February 25th at 9 PM PT

If you are wondering how to watch Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event online, here’s the number of different ways to do so.

Samsung’s official website

You can watch the event by heading over to Samsung, and Samsung Mobile Press


You’ll be able to watch the official live stream on


You can also watch the Galaxy Unpacked 2018 via Samsung’s official Facebook Page.

Via Unpacked  2018 app

You can download and launch the unpacked 2018 app to watch the event on your mobile devices.

Download Unpacked app for Android

Download Unpacked app for iOs:

Samsung’s YouTube Channel

Last but not the least, Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2018 will also be live streamed on Youtube.

Just as a reminder, the upcoming Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are the successors to last year’s Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. According to reports, both the smartphones are expected to be more evolutionary than revolutionary in nature, yet that is not really an awful thing, given how generally welcomed the predecessors were. Anyways, we’re all looking forward to something really big and unprecedented unveiling today.

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