How To Block Ads on Android Device

block ads on android device

Pop-up Ads has always been irritating and annoying to smartphone users. These ads are often found on freely available apps, services, and contents. These ads literally ruin your browsing or interrupt while watching or playing games.

Worry No-more!  Just follow 3 simple steps to get rid of them from your Android device.

1. Use Appropriate Browser that Supports Ad Blocking

This is undoubtedly the easiest way of avoiding insignificant ads from your smartphone, tablet and any other android device. Best choice can be using Adblock Browser and Opera Browser as they are developed using built-in ad blocker. Install any one of the two app and stay ad-free.

opera browser for ads blockadblock browser for ads blocking

OPERA BROWSER: download here

ADBLOCK BROWSER: download here


2. Install Ad Blocking application on your device

Ad blocking apps are the ones that helps in eradicating advert contents. Most of the android devices are compatible to the lately updated Ad blocking applications however, some Ad blocking applications may require superuser (root) authentication on your device. Some of the recommended Ad Blocking apps are:

  • AdAway (requires root authentication)

It is a popular third-party android application so, it is not available on Google Play Store thus, make sure you check on the unknown sources through Settings–>Security–>Unknown Sources if you are willing to install the app. Install the app and stay ad-free.

  • Adblock Plus

It is an open source application which is freely available. It uses extensive guidelines to filter ads. Adblock Plus allows you to filter your own set of blocking and acceptable list. It uses unique extension to block ads, restrict tracking and block domain to known malware. Being open source app Adblock requires attention of checking Unknown Sources from Settings–>Security–>Unknown Sources.

adaway app for no ads    adblock plus for no ads










ADAWAY: download here

ADBLOCK PLUS: download here


3. Setup a Host File (requires root authentication)

Most of the users are not familiar with the concept of manipulating host file to block annoying ads. All you need to do is download the host file MVPS ( or via any web browser. Copy the downloaded host file to the specified path (/etc or /system/etc) in your device file manager (accessing the path requires superuser permission). Rename the host file’s extension to either .bak or .txt and then reboot your device. After a reboot your device will be Ad-free.

mvps host file for no ads location host file for no ads

Get the host file here:

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