Searching for the best music player applications for Android? No worries we got you covered. You will get the best music experience in android devices with these great apps.

So, Here’s our pick on some of the great music player apps you can find on android play store:

Let’s take a Look!

1. GoneMAD Music Player

music player GoneMAD

GoneMAD music player is a feature- enriched customization based music app. It contains multiple standard features that are not available in other music apps. It supports maximum music file formats, configurable UI, 16-band EQ, cross-fading, embedded lyrics, DSP limiter, multi-window and any other features possessed by other apps. The app is available for a free trial for 14 days. To enjoy the premium version, it’ll cost you $3.99.


GONEMAD FULL VERSION: download here!


2. Double Twist Music Player

music player doubletwist

Double Twist is one of the best and free music player android app with great UI. This app features music, radio, podcasts, magic radio, iTunes and playlists transfers and much more. It is a cloud-Player that allows streaming music to various consoles as well as allows you to create your own cloud system, sync with Google Drive, Dropbox and other cloud system. Free version of the app possesses various features but the premium version consists extreme features like AirPlay, Chromecast etc.

DOUBLE TWIST: download here!

DOUBLE TWIST PRO: download here!


3. Poweramp Music Player

music player poweramp

Poweramp is a powerful music app with sleek interface and tons of available themes with wide variety of features. This app supports almost every music file format, possesses 10-Band EQ, embedded lyrics support, quick searching of libraries, tag editing, cross-fade, continuous playback, stereo expansion and much more. Free-trial of the app is available for 15 days and to use it for long term it’ll cost you $3.99.




4. BlackPlayer Music Player

music player blackplayer

BlackPlayer is an elegant, decent featured, Ad-less with enhanced UI and freely available android app for playing music. This app offers multiple themes and ultimate layout customization including configurable interface. This app surprisingly features 5-Band EQ with different audio-effects, tag editing, ease of navigation, displays lyrics, 3D surround virtualizer and supports 3 widgets however the free version offers limited features whereas the paid version offers much more.

BLACKPLAYER: download here!

BLACKPLAYER EX: download here!


5. Shuttle Music Player

music player shuttle

Shuttle is a solid designed multi-featured music player app with numerous available options. Shuttle is assembled with the embedded lyrics support, gapless playback, awesome in-built 6-band equalizer, Last.FM scrobbling and multiple themes.  The in app-purchase version shuttle plus withholds much more features such as ID3 tagging, access to tons of themes and ChromeCasting.

SHUTTLE PLAYER: download here!

SHUTTLE +: download here!


6. Pulsar Music Player

music player pulsar

Pulsar Music Player has evolved being user’s favourite app over the period, it is freely available and consumes awesome UI with enhanced design. Features accumulated are sorting library, fresh audio-effects, ChromeCasting, tag editing, lyrics support, gapless playback and various other. Paid version of the app includes additional effects with equalizer, bass boost etc.

PULSAR: download here!

PULSAR PRO: download here!


7. Musixmatch Music Player

music player musixmatch

Musixmatch is a material designed, great interfaced complete android music playing app. This app is very functional in real-time. It is assembled with 5-Band EQ and setting controlls, supports android wear, ChromeCasting. Other than basic features it jams-up with play music and spotify to display the floating lyrics of the synced songs. This app can be of best use for those who sings along with the song watching lyrics.

MUSIXMATCH: download here!

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