Daraz one of the largest E-Commerce, online shopping website is holding a grand shopping event called the Daraz Black Friday. Daraz or the former Kaymu is following the trend of organizing Black Friday every year in Nepal like every other western country. The event is held every November just after the grand thanksgiving celebration. The Black Friday Sale with a jaw-dropping discount of up to 70% will be up and running for five days long starting from November 24th (Mangsir 8) to November 28th (Mangsir 12).

daraz black friday

What is Daraz Black Friday?

Black Friday is the largest sales event organized by Daraz. It is a western culture that has now been adopted in Nepalese tradition. It is an ultimate shopping spree that is celebrated just after the grand Thanksgiving. It is one of the best-ranked marketing sensation and largest shopping event. It includes mighty sales discount of upto 70%, craziest yet delightful deals and promising offers that you don’t wanna miss out.

How to seize Daraz Black Friday offer?

Experiencing the largest shopping event Black Friday with Daraz is really simple. First things first since, Daraz is an E-commerce business shopping website so, you need to be active on the internet. You can grab the offer via Daraz’s official website instead of visiting places. You can add anything to your cart with just a few clicks. Daraz offers a managed category of almost every necessary things such as clothing, smartphones, jewelry, laptops, beauty products, sports accessories and variety of other electronic assets.

The Leading Market brands like Samsung, Revlon, Titan, Whirlpool and many others are all set to showcase their products. Aside from an excellent shopping experience, Daraz offers a decent delivery in various cities to the customer’s doorstep. For a convenient shopping experience, Daraz’s official app is available for Android and iOS.

Get Daraz on Android

Get Daraz on iOS

If you are new to Daraz and wondering how the payment is made? well, Daraz has revolutionized the traditional online payment which was very troubling. Daraz has maintained a secure and guaranteed payment method. The product you booked is delivered to you shortly, payment can be made during delivery.

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