Today is the day, Google is all set to launch the next major version of its Android mobile operating system, Android O.

android o watch live stream

Android O also known as ‘Android 8.0’ was first unveiled at the Google I/O earlier this year. Android O is the Google’s upcoming next generation mobile operating system. Still, Google hasn’t revealed the what ‘O’ in Android O stands for. And finally today the most Anticipating Android O will be officially revealed at an event in New York.

How to Watch Android O Live Stream

Yeah, Google got you covered! Google has released a YouTube live-stream for the unveiling of Android O’s official name.The release event and live stream is all set to start at 2:40 EST, around a similar time of total solar eclipse which is happening across the contiguous US.

Check out the release event and live stream below:

What do you think Android O will be called?

 Here are some popular guesses:

  • Android Oreo
  • Android Oatmeal Cookie
  • Android Octopus
  • Android Orange Sherbert
  • Android Orelletes
  • Android Orangesicle

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